Atheist and proud

On Saturday night, I got sucked into a discussion about Dawkins with a Calvinist. It made me quite sad because for this gentleman (the Calvinist, not Dawkins) to be Christian he has had to accept a model of the world that seems frankly sickening.

How can an omnipotent god with an infinite capacity for love be responsible for a world in which the majority of people don’t believe in him and are therefore going to hell? I find this paradox very unpleasant indeed.

The answer apparently and briefly, is free will, faith and grace. Hum. That sounds to me like an infinite and supreme being that’s insecure enough to need to measure its worth (or ours) in units of blind faith. And is vengeful enough to punish people lacking in faith by sending them to a hell of its own creation.

I am very glad not to be a part of such a nasty, petty paradigm.


I was brought up in an a-religious household but went through a period of praying when I was about 14 and rebelling against authority. I used to (earnestly) start my prayers “Dear god, who I don’t believe in…”

Clearly an existential humanist from an early age!



  doubtingthomas426 wrote @

Great post. It’s always encouraging to be reminded that you’re not alone out here. I’d love it if you check out my page ( It’s simply a collection of all the various observations I’ve made about religion and the bible over my years of studies. I started out a born-again Christian, church every Sunday, Private Christian Schooling all my life, but once I started to really study the ’good book’ it quickly became clear that there was nothing ’good’ about it. I am now a proud Atheist, a Skeptic and a bit of a cynic and many a time have I been struck by the same frustrating thoughts when listening to someone who has clearly never really scrutinized their religious beliefs. It’s always one of my main points of contention with religionists, their eagerness to scrutinize everyone and everything that doesn’t follow their belief system but their absolute refusal to turn that same eye on their own. Nothing that is true has anything to fear from a little scrutiny.

I always get a bit irritated when religionists try to claim that Atheism is a religion. A religion is a group of people who choose to willfully ignore reality in order to believe whatever makes them happy. Their beliefs are based on faith (aka hope). An Atheist’s beliefs are based on nothing more than reality and reason. There really is no comparison.

I like your other posts as well. Keep up the good work. Feel free to add my main page (all my categories containing my numerous posts are on the left) to your links (blogroll) page if you like.

  johnnypeepers wrote @

Your explicit rejection of your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is troubling to me. Why do you renounce all of his works? You were made in his image and thus are an embodiment of his spirit and goodness. I pray that you will come to this revelation and divorce yourself from the Deceiver’s grasp.

  elle wrote @

Doubting Thomas – We are, if you’ll forgive me a wry smile, singing from the same hymn sheet. Atheism is not a religion. It is not even a belief system. It is just an absence of belief in theism.

And your point about an obsession with outward scrutiny at the expense of any inward scrutiny was demonstrated very well by my Calvinist.

We were discussing The God Delusion and he said “Dawkins is completely irrational, although he does make one or two good points about the Catholics.” I don’t think he realised why I was laughing at that!

Thank you for your kind words about my blog. It’s a new venture, but fun so far. I have been over to yours and it looked very interesting, so I will be back when I have time to sit down for a proper read.

Johnny Peepers – It is very kind of you to offer to pray for me, but I wouldn’t put me too high up your list of priorities. Thank you for reading though.

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