Happy new year!!!

They say (they? who?) that we’re only ever two meals away from losing civilisation. If this is the case, then Germany must have skipped lunch on New Year’s Eve, because at midnight Berlin went absolutely fucking mental.

We made our way, along with the thronging crowds, to the Oberbaumbrücke to see in the new year on one of Berlin’s most beautiful bridges. When we got there we were confronted with nothing short of a pyrotechnic-crazed mob.

People were hurling lit fireworks at each other, at trains, into the Spree. In one inspired move I saw a guy send an unanchored Catherine wheel frisbeeing into the air. The 100s strong crowd carried us lurching backwards and forwards as we tried to duck the missiles, and broken glass splintered and cracked around us.

I have to admit, a base and animal part of me (the bit that likes to bite) found being trapped in the middle of such seething intensity deeply exhilarating. Seeing how quickly people shrug off their civilised mores def gave me an edgy thrill

Until the sirens started, shortly after midnight. They were still sounding when we turned in at 5am, and at random points through the night I had sudden, sickening visions of a face full of glass or a hand blown to pieces.

On the bridge at midnight


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