The unexamined life

My pending wedding is making me very intro/retrospective. This is no bad thing; if I’m going to do something I want to understand it – the unexamined life and all that…

I used to be a real romantic, thinking that love was the driving force of all, and that when I met The One I would know instantly as my heart I plunged into free fall.

When I met Jonty, I’d already been disillusioned about this concept, but I was nevertheless shocked by, and wary of, his hard-nosed pragmatism in the face of burgeoning love.

I felt like if we were right together, things would magically work – I’ve come to learn that such a passive attitude doesn’t prove a relationship’s worth, it just leaves it rudderless.

Whereas Jonty’s active, “If it’s not right we change it until it is” approach doesn’t deny love, it gives it the framework it needs to become something more than an abstract concept.



  blackolives wrote @

Hey, I really liked your post. When I got married I was the exact same, just blame it on the fairy tales we grew up listening to over and over again:)

any relationship, for it to work past the initial infatuation, takes work that makes you wonder why it isn’t easier. But its worth it, the effort and work make it all worth it. Congratulations, and may you both have a happy successful marriage!

  elle wrote @

Thanks for reading, and for your nice comments!

Have been musing about relationships a lot at the moment, which is probably not surprising.

  blackolives wrote @

Oh thats good, better now than after you’re married as then it could get overwhelming 🙂

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