While fitting words around the post below, I also found myself musing on the structure of relationships. It’s easy to think of them as linear, because taken singly that’s the simplest model, but when you look at them all, you realise there’s a messy nodal system through which every single relationship in the world navigates a different path.

These days, far from espousing true love with one person, I see a plurality in the system, supported by the nodal model mentioned. If every one of your relationships was unique, it means they all had a different value, and the importance of one value to you doesn’t have to be erased if it is replaced by a relationship with a different value.

To call on the stalwart of Family Values, and to quote a good friend, “I love both of my daughters equally and widely differently.” Applying this to romantic relationships (I promise not to blur *those* boundaries), I reach two conclusions:

One – you can make love work with lots of people, cos each time it’s you that picks your path through the nodes

Two – you can love different people differently, at the same time, cos each path is unique and therefore incomparable


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