Recurring dream

I am a member of some reactionary protest group, living on the organisation’s commune. The meeting and class rooms are all very modern, with lots of chrome and sliding glass doors.

By contrast, the living quarters are dusty old barns, with mattresses laid on the floor to create dormitories. There is a problem with mice.

I acquire a child’s toy snake, which is supposed to help with the mouse problem in some way. I keep the snake in a wooden drawer in the barn wall above my mattress.

I begin to find the snake in a different position each time I open the drawer, and start catching it moving out of the corner of my eye.

The snake takes on talismanic qualities (is this Freudian?). I become scared of touching it and eventually am scared even to open the drawer.

I wake feeling mildly panicked.

I have had this dream three times recently.


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  indianwebdesign wrote @

i had a dream last night ” a snake talking with me to help him. I have tried my level best to do that and in the end by the time i freed the snake and sent to to forst, it was dead !!”



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