La Maroma

La Maroma

The almond blossom
Is late this year – too soon we
Wash ourselves with dust



  elle wrote @

This is a snapshot of the part of Spain where my parents live. La Maroma is the highest peak in the Sierra Tejeda range.

It sounds like it is about death (For dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return) but it isn’t. It is more cheerfully philosophical than that.

It is about getting impatient with life, and wanting to rush through and force things to fit our model, when in actual fact that mountain reminds us that things always fit their own model in the end.

Two of the images I had in mind were birds giving themselves dust baths in hot countries, and MM washing Jesus’s feet. Go figure!

  elle wrote @

Also, the slightly more fractured structure is experimental. I think it might be less beautiful than a more tightly structured poem.

  Stefan wrote @

Hi Lou,

It is great.

  elle wrote @


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