Dreamlet; like a froglet only smaller

Last night I woke up every two hours, almost exactly on the half hour each time. These are some of the snippets of dream I remember:

1. Moving into a new university halls of residence. Everything is panelled with pine and the boys have long shaggy hair. Perhaps it is meant to be the 70s?

2. Feeling anxious about not having nice clothes. Shopping in Primark and buying a purple crocheted cardigan with a single gold button (waking and sleeping definition of nice is clearly variable).

3. Cooking razor clams in white wine, over a camping stove. Panicking because I have torn a recipe out of the Observer magazine and lost it.

4. A close-up of my teeth, with bumpy bits and biofilms clearly visible. Flossing said close-up teeth with old, frayed floss.

Am not very knowledgeable about the interpretation of dreams, but these seem a bit angsty to me. Am spending a fair amount of time thinking about the wedding (although not feeling outwardly stressed) so it could be something to do with that?

Alternatively, I’ve had a touch of the winter blues lately, so I’ve been spending a bit more energy keeping myself on an even keel (telling myself it’s normal, valid, possibly even healthy, and trying not to get subsumed by my own nihilism, that kind of thing), so maybe it’s to do with that?


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