Etched bright with sunlight

Grr, more bad dreams. They make me wake up feeling brittle, like a come down without the high.

In last night’s I was in some sort of university dorm in the early hours of the morning, listening to my new boyfriend’s friends talking about how horrible I am, and how they don’t like me because I try too hard.

I get the impression they don’t know I am listening, but when I say something they don’t care and carry on teasing me anyway. The sun is rising and it is a beautiful, bright day.

The outside of the building looks like my school IRL, but although there are shared dormitories the feeling is of being at university.


Hmm, don’t think a need Jung to tell me that’s an anxiety dream. Maybe not as negative as it sounds though, with all the sunshine an’ stuff.

I’m fascinated by the dreams I’ve been having lately, not least because until recently I haven’t really remembered my dreams once I’m properly awake.

Since I’ve been writing down the interesting ones, I’ve noticed themes I might not have spotted otherwise:

* I’m university-aged in all of them
* I live in a communal space or dormitory (unlike university halls, but with that feeling)
* They all have patches of brilliant blue sky and bright sunlight

Intriguing, non?


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