A quick note

I have lots of longer notes in my head, but I’m not sure when I’ll have time to write them all down. So for now, here’s something I was musing on this morning:

When I am happy, I am dualist. I like the idea of a separate body and mind, and find it a pleasingly romantic motif. In fact, maybe it’s the greatest motif we’ve come up with yet.

When I am sad, I am a nihilistic monist. However, my nihilism has changed. These days it is less about tiny worthless ants and stepping out into fast moving traffic without looking, and more about a benign acceptance of my lot.

It doesn’t even seem to be sad anymore, although it is still monist. This morning I was congratulating myself on being clever enough to have worked out that dying doesn’t really matter, when it occurred to me that in actual fact I’ve just accidentally become Buddhist.


Never mind. When I told Jonty I’d become a benign and accepting nihilist, he told me this was childish, and that I should strive for existentialism instead. Maybe I will.


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