After I wrote the post below, I sat down with my cup of tea and my comic book and read this

Beyond Bou Chougga is a dreadful place, beside the yellow waters of the sluggish Zaire, where acre after acre of the ground is choked with sickly lilies and the clouds hang fixed within the dismal sky, and do not move. The region is called Silence, and in the days it took us to pass through it we were all of us far too dispirited to speak.

It’s from The League of Extraordinary Gentleman’s New Traveller’s Almanac. God bless you Mr Moore.



  Grill wrote @

He is a hero and I must pick that up. Let’s re-establish a mini-book-club and force Penny and Ailis to read it…!

  elle wrote @

Capital idea, and answers the question of what to get A for her birthday.

Am eagerly awaiting volume III.

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