“Just a quick note”

To the boy who grabbed my boobs last night
This isn’t really acceptable behaviour. In this instance it wasn’t massively unacceptable – I didn’t scream, the Boy didn’t swing for you – so don’t feel guilty or worried or anything, but bear in mind that in different circs, with different people, you could get yourself in a lot of trouble.

To the purveyors of Blue Poppy couture
Your clothes are over-priced and fussy, but they make excellent nightwear. I can personally recommend sleeping in the French silk shirt, fully clothed from the waist up and naked from the waist down, on the sofa. Most comfortable.

To the Boy
Yes, I know what Perl is. Your incredulous face only makes me love you more. Also, I have drunk all your Orangina, and why, oh why, are there no painkillers in the house. Oh, and have you ever taken a swing at anyone?



  Torn wrote @

I find it hard to imagine when univited boob grabbing is acceptable…

  elle wrote @

‘Not massively unacceptable’, while a little clumsy in construction, isn’t the same as acceptable.

Although I’m wondering now what ‘acceptable’ defines. Behaviour I considered a small bit unacceptable or a small bit acceptable would have garnered the same response from me.

Had I responded in a way that suggested the graber’s behaviour was highly acceptable, the Boy would have no doubt found that pretty unacceptable.

And I’m not sure what I would have done if I’d found if pretty unacceptable myself. I’m English and middle-class so well practiced at not making a fuss.

Oh dear, I feel a bit dizzy now.

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