I gave myself concussion again at the weekend.

This upsets me for two reasons. Firstly, I’m not sure I can afford to keep losing brain cells. Or more precisely, if I am going to sacrifice them, I want it to be on the altar of something good. I don’t want to do it getting a big ole egg on my head and spending a day puking and shivering.

Secondly, it ruins the pattern, and patterns make me happy. I have had concussion every other year for close to a decade, but but but, the last episode was in Shanghai in November ’07 (on schedule), so I’m not due another bout until at least January ’09.

Now the pattern’s all messed up anything could happen. What if I start getting concussion every other week? What if I develop a pattern for wrist-breaking or alopecia?

Anyway, it’s been 36 hours since I fell down the stairs, and I’m still feeling sick as hell 😦



  Grill wrote @

Perhaps you should try the Thudguard: http://www.thudguard.com/?gclid=CM7ZhIWet5ICFQKVMAodkjpENA

  elle wrote @

That’s a great idea. I would need to fashion an adult-sized one though.

  Torn wrote @

I think you have enough brain cells to be able to afford loosing a few. Having said that concussion seems a waste of them and pain of the bad kind.

Get better soon..rest..

  Torn wrote @

oh and if you like patterns you ought to play chess 🙂

  elle wrote @

I like chess boards.

I’ve never played the game enough to get into the patterns and rhythms though – I’m not good spatio-logically so I get frustrated with that kind of problem solving.

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