Concussion redux

So, I’ve had a kind of rotating blade sensation for the past few days. I figured either the concussion was worse than I thought, or the bang on the head was coincidental and I’d caught some weird virus from my baby sis. Either way, it seemed like a good idea to haul ass to the nearest hospital. Here’s what I learned:

It’s def just concussion (or rather, “post-concussion disorder”) and not Ebola or something, which is probably a good thing. There was a teeny tiny bit of bleeding into my brain fluid, but it’s stopped now and can’t have bled for very long, which is good too.

Have been told to spend a few days in bed – probably bad. Not allowed to spend very long looking at computers, TVs or books – probably bad.

Can only think of two ways to entertain myself, and should try and make sure I don’t end up doing them at the same time. Masturbating while listening to Radio 4 – definitely bad.



  Torn wrote @

There are always speaking books..

  Grill wrote @

I almost said “too much information”, but then I realised that it’s just my usual social mores and I’m actually cool with that. Just one question;

Is this at all linked to Evan Davis starting this week? Not that I’m saying John Humphreys doesn’t do it for you.

  elle wrote @

Us invalids don’t wake up early enough to catch the Today Programme.

There’s always Mastermind though. All that black leather is enough to get even this most reserved ex-convent girl hot under the collar.

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