Action–adventure week

Following the stunt roll down the stairs, I have just made my first 999 call. I would’ve phoned my local station direct as I didn’t think it was a major emergency, but the Met Office website is an impenetrable fortress where the only obvious phone numbers are for reporting terrorism, so 999 it was.

The reason I called was that at 11.40 this morning someone rang my doorbell on and off for a r-e-a-l-l-y looooooog time. Like five minutes or something. I didn’t answer cos I’m invalided and not receiving guests, and anyone I would want to receive would have my phone number or their own set of keys.

Instead I scurried to the living room and peeked out of the window. I could see the tops of two heads, and hear other doorbells ringing in the building. At this point it crossed my mind fleetingly that the tops of the heads looked a bit like the freehold guy and his son, but freehold guy has both his own key and my phone number, so it seemed unlikely it would be him.

Then I noticed the younger guy was fiddling with the lock. I panicked and rang Jonty rather than the police, during which time the heads disappeared. I didn’t see which way they went, but I could hear movement downstairs. Not ransacking sounds, but definite movement. This was when I called the police.

Apart from the poor diction and grammar (“How many mens was there?”), the girl on the phone was lovely, and there were some men round to investigate almost as soon as I put the phone down. What did they find?

Why, they found freehold guy, testing the intercom system and fixing the broken front door.

I’m glad I phoned though – the police investigating were keen to impress on me that I’d done the right thing, as was freehold guy, who, to be fair, had just scared the bejesus out of me.

And the reason he was here was that the first floor flat had been broken into, so there’s cause to be vigilant. The Boy and I are the only owner-occupiers in the building, so our flat is probably best equipped with personal safety in mind, but it still freaks me out a bit. Bloody impressed by the police though, they were brilliant.


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