UK PM likely to ignore advisory council advice on reclassifying cannabis

A woman on the radio (Jacqui Smith?) keeps saying, “But there’s new evidence that it’s stronger, there’s new evidence.” Yes we know, that’s why the case has just been re-examined. Surely a panel of experts will have thought to take all new evidence into consideration?

And what’s this nonsense?

He [the prime minister’s spokesman] said the PM stood by earlier remarks about the need to signal that cannabis use was illegal and unacceptable.

If the drug classification system exists simply to remind us arbitrary criminals what is legal, and what is acceptable (WTF? Why does my lifestyle need to be acceptable to the government?), then why bother with all those pesky categories?

Why not sift all actions into a big green GOOD category, and a big red BAD category? Much easier. It’ll save the police loads of paperwork, and it will mean that double parking is the same as setting fire to the Queen, so we can bring back hanging for all offences and free up prison space as well.


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