Inner space

I have taken to keeping paper and a pen under my bed, mainly for dream/haiku recording purposes. I just found something I wrote a few nights ago:

I am fascinated by the blood cells that got into my brain fluid. What happened to the brave little pioneers that found the rift in the membrane and made their way through? As the tear re-knit behind them, their fate was sealed.

Obviously oxygen crosses the blood/brain barrier. So perhaps the blood cells will live out their natural lifespan, maybe ever more carrying an oxygen payload of which they cannot unburden themselves.

Or perhaps they died as soon as they made it across, and their husks will float serenely until my own death, tiny crenulated fish in a hermetically sealed tank.


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  elle wrote @

I know, I know, CSF is isotonic so the cells could crenulate, etc.

It was late at night and I wasn’t going for scientific veracity, I was just struck by the idea of these little cells as explorers, maybe astronauts going off for the first time into space, not knowing whether they could get back for not, but doing it anyway.

And also by the serenity of it all – even if they are stuck, they have found some peace away from what must be the excessive noise and bustle of cellular life.

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