Sunday morning musings

Apparently I shouldn’t drink for a while, cos head trauma + alcohol = depression.

Last night I drank anyway, and this morning I woke up feeling more hungover than I ever have in my life, and frankly suicidal. I guess Big G was right.

Booze makes me depressed anyway, which is a bit annoying because depression makes me drink. If there is a god, he’s got sadistic irony down pat. Every so often I wonder whether I should give up alcohol for good (perhaps devote myself to developing more fully as a stoner?) but my heart isn’t really in it so I never do.

I’m also a bit disappointed with myself about something, which isn’t good cos in this mood I’m liable to obsess rather than processing positively/letting go.

In other news, it is snowing, yay! On Friday it was 18C and people were wandering around without coats.

Also, last night six people consumed 1kg hard cheese, 0.5kg soft cheese, 0.5kg bread and 0.5kg nuts. And a magnum of Champagne. There’s nothing like a balanced diet. And that was *nothing* like a balanced diet. (There’s also nothing like variety hall jokes.)

Right, I’m off to drink tea and mope about feeling sorry for myself. Bye.


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  elle wrote @

People of the self-publishing world – please note the correct use of both wonder and wander in that post.

The spellings are sadly not interchangeable, although sometimes I like to pretend the lonely clouds are wondering about something important.

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