More on monogamy

Why don’t I vibe with monogamy? Here’s one answer. It’s mostly about jealousy and possessiveness.

Here’s another answer:

Because I’m greedy. I want to experience every damn thing this world has to offer. I want to seetouchtastesmelldo everything I possibly can.

When it comes to sex, I’ve had some great experiences, and I have a boy at home who gives great experience damn near every time I look at him. But… even if nothing I do with anyone else comes anywhere near close to comparing, I still want to find that out for myself.

If you go your whole life taking other people’s word for something (anything), all you have at the end is a dusty scrap book full of memories that aren’t yours.


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  johnnypeepers wrote @

Sex is like eating out. If you go to the same restaurant every day, you are gonna get bored with the selections. I love the variety of man-meat that I come into contact with. The different shapes, smells, sizes, and varying degrees of roughness and depth of penetration are exhilarating to me. The same is true with women I am sure. Some have little shriveled up clits, others have bulbous miniature penises hanging from their crotches. Its all good.

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