You tell me I can’t communicate, but maybe that just shows you don’t know me. Maybe you didn’t notice that I spent the past decade teaching myself to talk, cos no one showed me how when I was growing up. Making noise doesn’t make you meaningful.

You tell me you can’t trust me, you don’t seem to realise that words like that can hurt. You’re cleverer, she’s smarter, I’m just the dumb kid you have to look after. Dumb cos I take a few risks? Dumb cos I want to live my life, experience things you can’t show me? Dumb cos no one needs to hold my hand?

Fitting your life around old patterns doesn’t make someone smart, acting predictably doesn’t make someone trustworthy. It just makes them seem safe.

I want you to engage with me. I want you to want to know me. I’m scared you won’t be able to.




  elle wrote @

It started as a rant, but now I just feel sad.

  Grill wrote @

😥 Love (or biologically-bound lust or mental affinity or whatever you call it) makes many obstacles for itself.

  elle wrote @

Meh. If this is love, it sucks big dogs’ cocks.

  Grill wrote @

Mmm. Yep, that sounds like love. Or at least the love I see on the internet.

  elle wrote @

Every time love sucks a big dog’s cock, a kitten goes blind.

  Grill wrote @

But aren’t blind kittens sooooo cute? And blind things in general.

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