I got a coil fitted on Monday, w00t!

The procedure itself was slightly painful, but was over so quickly it didn’t really count (I gots stamina when it comes to pain, baby). Since then I’ve been pretty achy, but I’m guessing that is normal.

The experience was quite strange. Hard as it may be to believe, it’s not often I find myself half naked and up in stirrups, and it is kind of a vulnerable position.

The chaperone put her hand on my knee and started stroking me, and my first response was an angry “Hey, another human being is making unsolicited, non-consensual physical contact with me,” but then I realised it was actually soothing, so I guess I must have been a bit angsty.

Once I relaxed into my yogic breathing I nudged things mentally a bit to see if I could find anything sexual in the situation, but the answer was a resounding no.

(Interesting aside: I’m reading The Lucifer Effect at the moment, which is all about the Stanford Prison Experiment, so I’m thinking a lot in terms of situational power and responsibility.*

(Were I to admit that I was (or at least tried) fantasising about my doctor while she had her hand inside me, it might raise a few questioning eyebrows, but not much else. If she admitted the same about me, she could reasonably expect to get an official warning. Yet if we met independently in club and I chatted her up, the balance between us would be quite different.)

Anyhoo, being made to feel like I was in a big, warm, safe, motherly environment was actually quite nice – strangely ‘eternal feminine’ feeling, despite the pain. And I’m very excited about actually having the coil now – no more rubbish condoms for me.

The Boy is very excited too – he has been asking me for ages to talk to family planning about contraception options. Presumably he hasn’t realised yet that he’s just waved good bye to his all-anal-all-the-time free pass.

* I am also reading Spiderman fanfiction



  dommebell wrote @

Yay for IUDs!! Did you have the copper one fitted or the Mirena? I’ve grown quite attached to the little occupant in my uterus, morbid as it sounds, I can’t decide whether I want to keep it when it comes to replacing it (or at least give it a little poke)

  elle wrote @

Copper. I’ve just come off 12 (stupid and uniformed) years on the pill, so I wanted to steer clear of hormones of any kind.

  dommebell wrote @

Ah I see, that’s understandable. Btw, where did you go? The doc who fitted mine (on Charlotte St.) was a musician, he wore Hawaiian shirts and wrote songs about period pains.

  elle wrote @

Mine was kinda cute and smiley, and I think Italian. Jus’ emailed you the rest of the gory details!

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