Dazed and confused

J and I are both feeling a little dazed by the weekend’s nuptials. It was a big deal for family, but for us the serious bit will be Spain, but we’re still married now so we’re slightly in limbo.

We both found ourselves grinning a lot on Saturday, not because we were ecstatically happy, but because people expected us to be ecstatically happy. How much of life do we fake just because someone else faked it first? (The emperor is what? Naked, you say?)

It was a nice day, but now I’m just counting down the minutes until Spain. Can’t wait to have some time off, and properly get into wedding girliness.

As per a very sensible request from a very sexy third party



  dommebell wrote @

I loved your dress, where did you get it from? It looked really good with the black.

  elle wrote @

Thanks! It’s from Karen Millen, slightly difficult to get in and out of, but feels great on.

  So much to say « Cheese sammiches and sex wrote @

[…] one of the best nights of my life. All I really have time to add right now is a reflection on this post, where I mentioned only smiling a lot because it was […]

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