I am the pretty prince of parties

The past few days have been a whirlwind of sunshine, booze, lost people, poorly spoken Spanish and an hour of virtue when I went to a yoga class. Married life seems to be dizzying, in a good way.

On the playing away front, in the first seven days after the registry office I pulled one of my first boyfriends, one of mine/J’s friends, and had an amazing threesome with my husband and a very gorgeous friend of ours.

A good week all round, but I think also evidence of my need to test my wayward lifestyle and make sure it still works within this new framework. Seems to, so far.

Now I’m out in Spain, preparing for the big day and drinking farfarfar too much. Hope I still fit into my dress on Saturday – got in smashed last night and ate four pieces of toast & pate and a doughnut. Am now feeling very sick indeed, and may go back to bed for a while. Adios.



  Grill wrote @

Bloody hell, you’re turning into Anais Nin.

  elle wrote @

Very possibly. Certainly would have been fun to party with Henry Miller.

  elle wrote @

And anyone French surely ate a lot of pate?

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