Struggling for sense

A lot of things feel weird at the moment. A recent ‘to-do’ list included “Find a good shrink” and I’m pretty much decided that this is something I’m going to do.

I’m not massively wrong right now, but I’m certainly not right and I think talking to someone who knows about not-rightness could be good.

Talking with J at the weekend, he described me as “psychologically abnormal” at the moment (compared with myself on other days, not cf other people), and asked whether I thought I was depressed.

My instinct was no, because depression for me usually manifests as apathy, anger and nihilism. However, I have been feeling a certain ennui, along with frustration, irritability and a real distance from the world, so maybe…

Another thing from my ‘to-do’ list: host vodka-tasting party, with caviar. w00t!



  elle wrote @

Apparently I am depressed – I just filled out a form online and came in the top band for psychological disturbances. But I scored normally for physical disturbances, so I’m probably only half mad.

  H wrote @

Before you book your slot with the head doctor, forgive me for asking one very mundane question. Have you changed anything in the contraception dept recently? Speaking from nasty personal experience, that can deliver exactly the result you describe.

We’re off to Wales again tomorrow but back in a week; let’s talk then. Take care, sweet.


  s wrote @

hmm…you always seemed sane to me…sane not normal which is only a washinh machine setting anyway 8-)…call anytime..

  elle wrote @

Thanks both of you! We should have dinner soon.

l xx

  s wrote @

Dinner sounds good…you can see the new place..H can show off her kitchen and I can show off the wine cooler 😎 Let us know when is good for you two

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