Pillow talk

–I don’t care about the sex, make me Scotch eggs
–I think about death a lot

Which is true, I do think about death a lot. Not in a morbid way… oh wait, aren’t all thoughts about death morbid? Ok, not in an unhappy way. More in the sense of it’s September, and you’ve just started a new school, and you know your parents are taking you to Euro Disney at Easter. You’re pretty excited, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to wish away the next two terms. You’re still looking forward to making new friends, maybe learning some new stuff. Perhaps Euro Disney is too far away to feel real, but you wonder a lot what it’s going to be like.


Damn Freud’s eyes. In the first line of the second para I replaced the word ‘death’ with the word ‘sex’ and didn’t notice until I was proofreading.

Edited again
I hope being dead isn’t really like being trapped at Euro Disney – Dante for the modern reader!


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