I’ve added our wedding ceremony to the pages on the right. I’m interested to hear what people think, as writing it from scratch was surprisingly difficult.

There was a bit of a tendency to slip into pompous, VIth form essay language, but that wasn’t the feel we wanted, plus we didn’t want to sound like we were taking the piss out of regular ceremonies. I think we pulled it back though, and the tone on the day worked well.

Sam is mostly to thank for this – he was our unofficial officiant, and his delivery was perfect. He has the added helpful traits of being an excellent writer, ridiculously well read and an opera director, so he contributed lots of the content, kept a critical eye on the rest, and knew how it would work as a piece of performance art.

Although we did resist his suggestion to read the crazy Dylan Thomas letter where he talks about albatrosses and being naked.



  Breena wrote @

I absolutely loved reading the ceremony, it seemed very heartfelt and initmate, I’m sure I would have needed a tissue had I been there on the day.

I liked the piece from the Amber Spyglass. Having just read the copy you lent me I was close to sniffling when that part came up.

Did you decide which readings you wanted separately or was it a joint venture?

  elle wrote @

Very much a joint venture, including me, J, Sam and some of the readers.

J and I wanted to reflect our relationship honestly, hence stuff like Blake and the sentiment of growing not in each other’s shade. And the lack of forsaking all others 😉

We had this piece instead of the Gibran for a long while, but decided it was too gushing despite being a geeky nod to Sully.

We also had a different piece from the Amber Spyglass initially, but A and Sam nixed it because it was confusing and apparently sounded like a reference to wanking.

My favourite poem was never in the running because it belongs to a different boy.

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