Anally retentive? Why yes, thank you

Am going through a spring cleaning/purging phase at the moment. Have just sorted out The Box under the bed, which included washing all the insertables with antibiotic soap. I do this anyway after using them, but it doesn’t hurt to be extra clean (I have a dildo that claims to be dishwasher safe, but I’ve never tested this).

Then without really thinking about it I found myself sealing them all in transparent freezer bags and labelling them, like so many housewives and their gluts of courgettes.

OCD’s a good thing, right?



  s wrote @

Yes it is so very domestic :). Now inquiring minds wants to know did you A) put some of them in the freezer and B) Do you have a spare afternoon…we seem to have a few bags that could use sorting out..and put in order….:)

  elle wrote @

I have a drawer in the freezer that’s just for vodka, ice and martini glasses, and one for ice cream & sorbet, but I don’t yet have one for sex toys.

At the moment the final drawer is full of unlabelled bags of stuff I clearly thought it important to save (is it soup? Is it stock? Perhaps it’s a pasta sauce?).

I like your idea better.

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