Communication II

I find it hard to say “I feel x” (Actually, that’s not true, I find it easy for values of x that are physical, but hard for ones that are mental. Anyway…)

Once I’ve managed it, I feel like I deserve a cookie and a pat on the head. I’m still not prepared, after all this time, for a litany of reasons why x is invalid.

As an extension of this, I almost can’t see how arguing can fix problems in a relationship (I know, I know, that’s an absurd statement).

Is this because I feel like I can never win, or always have to win? Perhaps the problem is seeing it as a battle in the first place?

Since penning this stuff, J and I have had a long and quite useful chat (he didn’t shout, I didn’t cry and flounce out of the room) so I’m feeling a bit less impotent about talking.


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