May you live in interesting times

So, I’m fatter than I’ve been in a decade, and I have pretty bad skin right now, yet for some reason I’m getting more sex than I have done since I was 20.

And we’re not talking common or garden sex, we’re talking about the fun group sort. It got to the point at the weekend where there was more on offer than J and I were able to indulge in.

(Note to self – should I find myself in this predicament again, I should probably try and consolidate the offers. Seven is quorum for an orgy, right?)

This is all good fun, but slightly bewildering. Interestingly (perhaps), it seems to have kicked off the week I got married. Could be coincidence, but I have some theories of my own:

1. Married couples hitting on people are less threatening than been-together-quite-a-
while-share-a-tortoise-and-a-mortgage couples hitting on people

2. The security of marriage has made us less scared of getting knocked back by others, so we’re putting ourselves out there more

3. Marriage has given us more confidence in our relationship, so we feel reassured that our actions won’t hurt each other

Our maybe Venus is just feeling indulgent. Long may she continue.


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