Second honeymoon

I’m off to Paris for a second honeymoon (read: dirty weekend), just two months after coming back from the first.

J and I got quite a bit of cash as wedding gifts, because it’s traditional in Spain to give the bride an envelope of money rather than a toaster or gravy boat (my mother was informed that it would be very rude indeed were I to refuse the envelopes, and I hate being rude).

So we had all this money, in Euros, and were wondering what to do with it. We definitely didn’t want more stuff – we already have seven years of stuff we’re trying to get rid of.

On top of that, I tend to believe that crazy experiences are worth more than most three-dimensional things – they don’t break or devalue, for a start, and happy memories are always going to make you smile.

So, what did we want to experience? Easy.

Fine dining! Fancy living! MICHELIN STARS (plural)!

So tonight, I am going to be eating here,

Le Pre Catelan

Le Pre Catelan

sleeping here,

Hotel du Petit Moulin

Hotel du Petit Moulin

and wearing these (NSFW).

Ooh la la!



  Breena wrote @

I couldn’t get away with those bras, but I love the briefs, they’re so pretty! I would spend my entire salary in AP if a) I could get away with it and b) if I had one.

  elle wrote @

Yeah, I didn’t get the bra, although I reckon it might be supportive enough for a bit of tarting around in the bedroom.

Perhaps instead of a salary you should get a sandwich board: “Will trade medical knowledge for pants.”

  Breena wrote @

Pants and a large garden to grow veg – I’d be set for life.

  Kate wrote @

I’m in love with Mimi Holliday underwear at the moment which *does* do bras in odd sizes … Breena! Even in my tiny-back-big-cup combo. Who needs AP?

  elle wrote @

Ooh, nice. Cute model as well, v girl next door.

Their web content could do with a proof read though, wonder if they’ll send me some pants if I offer to do it for them.

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