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The nation’s moral compass

Hat tip to Kate.

Thinking of a threesome? Then say 10 hail Mary’s, scrub yourself with a yard brush and put such thoughts out of your mind.

So says Dear Deidre, agony aunt for a newspaper that trades largely in tits and, er, stories about people having threesomes.

The most common situation I hear about from readers seems to be that it’s the man who first raises the idea of the couple taking another man or woman into their bed.

Remember girls, all sex is rape.

She may or may not agree to give it a try but if you are caught in this dilemma, whatever stage you have reached in this, let me suggest you stop right now.

Thank goodness Deidre cares enough to let me know what I can do in bed.

Grr and double grr.


Organ donation, a simple (final) solution

There’s been a lot of guff about organ donation in the news lately.

Opt in, opt out? Be more like Spain, or more like China? Pay donors or not?

I have a simple solution:

We already have a stratified system – people have either said ‘yes, I’d like to donate my organs after my death’, or they haven’t responded.

Those who are on the ‘yes, harvest me’ list should be eligible for transplants if they need them. Those who aren’t? No transplants for them.

Can’t say fairer than that.


I mentioned a few posts below that having an internal sense of worth can make people a bit selfish – my own selfishness is something I’ve discussed quite a bit with J (along with the semantic differences between selfishness and being self-centred, the long winter nights fly by in our house).

I’m pretty good at random acts of kindness. I give up seats, carry bags, let old women with one tin of cat food cut in front of me in the supermarket queue.

I never thought about it before last night, but I think I see these situations as neutral to me, and as they are positive to someone else it seems natural to act in favour of net positivity.

But in situations where one outcome is positive for me while the other is personally negative, I find it very difficult to act against my own interest – even when a negative outcome for me could prevent me hurting someone I care about.

I’m talking (for the slow readers) about infidelity.

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Weird-ass lucid dream

Had a pretty fitful night’s sleep. Woke about 2am and was very fidgety.

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