Weird-ass lucid dream

Had a pretty fitful night’s sleep. Woke about 2am and was very fidgety.

Got up twice to write stuff, going out to the living room so that I could put on the light without waking Jonty. Both times when I got back into bed I snuggled up to him, mainly cos sitting on the sofa naked in the middle of the night can get chilly, but also cos he’s cute when he’s sleeping.

Last time I definitely looked at the clock was about 3.30am. Think I musta fallen asleep around this time, and almost immediately gone lucid.

About 4am I was conscious of my thoughts and vision becoming a little muddled, like coming up around the edges of a trip. Wondered if it was anything to do with going to bed stoned, although that had been hours ago.

Rolled over and put my arms round Jonty and had a whole internal “what time is it, how long ’til morning, what the hell, he’ll stop me if he’s too tired” monologue before going down on him.

The sex was really good, especially as the muddled trippy feeling was growing, making it all seem quite surreal in a good way (I often find that with sex in the middle of the night, cos there’s that witching hour sense that rest of the world doesn’t really exist).

Post-sex I started to feel more and more disconnected from my surroundings and became distressed by this. Looked past the end of the bed and got upset because although the components of the room were all in the right place, the perspectives were undeniably wrong.

Got worried about what was making me trip this way, especially when I saw two large cane toads mating at the top of the stairs. On second glance there was suddenly a dozen or so pairs of toads. Tried to describe it all to Jonty and found I was slurring and struggling to get my words out.

Remember saying to him “Those toads aren’t all really there, are they? There’s only one pair?” and him saying no, they were definitely all real. The toads had started making a buzzing sound and were slowly getting closer. Looked down Jonty’s side of the bed and there was an enormous one a foot and a half long (it actually had a slimy, flat Xenopus-shaped body, but no claws).

The buzzing of the toads was by this point nudging me towards hysteria, and the fact that they were surrounding the bed terrified me. In desperation I suggested that maybe I wasn’t awake, and bang, next moment I’m lying in a correctly-perspectived room, listening to the buzzing sound of a snoring boy.

Might sound stupid though, but I was scared to move for ages in case there were toads on the floor under the bed. Time was 4.30am. I’m still not really sure when I switched from waking to dreaming.

I’m not feeling particularly rested this morning!


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  s wrote @

Jeez and I thought I had prblems sleeping…did do a neat Kata once when asleep…

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