The nation’s moral compass

Hat tip to Kate.

Thinking of a threesome? Then say 10 hail Mary’s, scrub yourself with a yard brush and put such thoughts out of your mind.

So says Dear Deidre, agony aunt for a newspaper that trades largely in tits and, er, stories about people having threesomes.

The most common situation I hear about from readers seems to be that it’s the man who first raises the idea of the couple taking another man or woman into their bed.

Remember girls, all sex is rape.

She may or may not agree to give it a try but if you are caught in this dilemma, whatever stage you have reached in this, let me suggest you stop right now.

Thank goodness Deidre cares enough to let me know what I can do in bed.

Grr and double grr.


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  s wrote @

Heavens you are not feeling under pressure to have a 3-somne are you 😎 who knows what that could lead to….

“Remember girls, all sex is rape. ” presents an interesting dilemma if she is using a strap-on…

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