Challenging psycho-social experiment

I’ve made another blog, to talk about the highs and lows of starting a new life a million miles from everything I’ve known and loved for the past 28 years.

On the assumption that I’m gonna send the link to propah grown-ups (family &tc), I’ve decided it’s gonna be PG-level content.

Except, I spend most of my waking life talking, thinking and writing about sex. (I rarely dream about it :-(). Keeping it clean is going to be quite a challenge.

I hadn’t realised the extent to which I was afflicted until I tried to write about the fact that the nervous excitement is making me manic *without* mentioning that I was moved to bring myself off in the toilets at work, just so I could calm down enough to concentrate on something for more than eight and a half seconds.

It’s fun being this crazy without being depressed. I’m generally hypomanic, so I have highs but the lows always have a lot more impact. But this is full on mania and I’ve been bouncing around, grinning from ear to ear for more than a week.

Notably, I have a very specific sense that all my systems are running at capacity. My mind feels sharper, my appetites are insatiable (food, booze, sex, drugs, spanking, hardhouse) and I can’t seem to sit still for a second.

Dunno how sustainable it is, but at the moment life is like being at the best theme-park ever!



  s wrote @

Glad you are so excited about it all. Hopefully it will last a long time. As for using the office bathroom to calm down…better one suspect than doing it in the office chair….albeit perhaps less fun for your fellow workes 😎

  elle wrote @

“Wank and live with clarity,” as a friend of mine would say.

The office bathroom wouldn’t be my first choice, but given that I was literally squirming on the edge of my chair, it was the only thing for it.

This must be what it’s like to be a 14 year old boy.

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