Character analysis

It sounds feasible that you can tell a lot about a man from the library he keeps. Presumably the same is true of his hard drive.

J and I have pretty much agreed that we’re gonna wipe the porn off our computer. I don’t know whether they’d check it at S’pore customs, but if they did we could be deported before we’ve even left the airport.

I wonder what they’d make of the boy and I, and our relationship with each other, if they did take a peek.

About half our collection comprises Anal Sluts parts one through to 750, a quarter is tentacle hentai, and the rest is tearful girls getting beaten up.


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  s wrote @

What no strap-ons? Hentai is weird IMHO…
what about just leaving the PC and buy a new one in Singapore…they do sell quite a few 🙂

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