What better way to start the new year than finding yourself at 0630 in the local cop shop, saucer-eyed and gurning, trying to explain that the police have requisitioned access to your building. Try even saying requisitioned with that many drugs inside you.

It turns out there was a fire. Until 0005 on 01.01.09, there was a launderette on the ground floor. Now there is just a big hole and a lot of soot.

It’s a great testament to Edwardian architecture that the rest of the building is still structurally sound, and fortunately the place was empty so no one was hurt.

But there is smoke damage, water damage and post hoc structural damage (where the fire brigade gained entry to each floor).

There is also no power – the meters are melted to a wall somewhere. It’s likely to stay that way for at least a week (a third of the days we have left in the UK) so I can’t see us letting the place anytime soon.

Happy new year!


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  s wrote @

yikes….glad no-one was hurt. Do you need a place to crash till you get the power back? If you need help with the flat post move let us know.

Happy New Year..2009 better shape up better than 2008…

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