Asia dream?

There is lots of hustle and bustle as people get ready for Christmas. I am in a big ramshackle house with lots of people I know, notably including my mother and sister.

We are drinking cider at 7am, even though we know it is a bit naughty. People are milling around trying to sort out all the mess, and an old-fashioned radio in a corner starts playing Poppa Dave – Lou-Lou’s tune*, causing a ripple of excitement.

Then a vague crisis erupts as there is no cranberry sauce to be found. We run around looking for alternatives and find cranberry & orange juice, but it is unlikely to cut the mustard.

My art director finds me and gives me a stern but well-meaning lecture about being lazy, then we all head off to someone else’s house for Christmas dinner.

The house is about the same size as the previous one (ie, huge) but instead of being a labyrinthine mess of twisting corridors and peeling paint, this one is a beautiful English country manor.

There is a sense of visiting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time and having to be on your best behavior.

There is a long drive that encircles a cobble & lawn courtyard, with various buildings ranged around – a church on the right as you go in, and the main house ahead and on the left.

The part of the building straight ahead is round, with huge leaded windows encircling the ground floor. I peer in as I drive past and it is beautiful inside – sunlight makes the old oak panels appear honey-colored and the flagstones are gently curved and worn by centuries of feet.

The appeal today though comes from the stillness inside. It is completely serene, and most importantly, EMPTY.

I desperately want to go inside and stay there forever, but know I will never be able to. I wake up feeling sad.

* Listen to it here kids, it really is excellent.


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