25 things

A Facebook meme. I think they are supposed to be random, surprising, amusing. Mine turned more exposé, hence it’s posted here, not on FB.

1. I am 28

2. I have suffered from two major depressive episodes, and a few minor ones. I accept that this might happen again so now instead of pushing back I look for ways to live round it.

3. I don’t mind the idea of not existing, but I am worried about death being painful.

4. When waiting for the tube, I am paranoid that someone is going to push me onto the tracks (see above).

5. I have two body piercings and a tattoo.

6. I lost my boy virginity at 14. It wasn’t a very good idea.

7. I lost my girl virginity at 18. It was an excellent idea.

8. I have lucid dreams, like the kid from Waking Life.

9. I am fascinated by psychedelics, but sometimes find them challenging. You have to be comfortable inside your own head. My mother thinks all drugs = escapism; she is wrong.

10. I never want to stop learning.

11. I want to have children, and already feel a sense of loss knowing that if I do a good job bringing them up, one day they will out-grow me.

12. I have started writing a graphic novel about fish, and a thesis about post-evolutionary psychology taboos. I wonder if they’ll ever get finished.

13. When I was 14 I told my chemistry teacher I would rather have a job I liked than good pay. Last time round I got both – now I am spoilt!

14. I am a control freak, and I am guarded with strangers (aloof). It wasn’t until my mid-20s that I realised these things.

15. I make a mean toad-in-the-hole.

16. I have been to high class orgies with wall-to-wall Champagne, cocaine and beautiful people, and only ever had an alright time.

17. I have fallen into bed with friends, pissed and giggly and wearing mismatched underwear, and always had an amazing time.

18. I once sustained concussion giving head in a bathroom in Bangkok (with a bellyful of whiskey and speed).

19. I don’t own any bathroom scales.

20. I read the Dao De Jing when I was 21, and was amazed that someone had verbalised what I felt about life.

21. My favourite novel is The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo.

22. Martha Gellhorn is the famous figure I most admire, and probably the writer who has most inspired me.

23. I try to be honest with myself. This blog is a tool in that process.

24. I like who I am.

25. Life makes me smile.



  s wrote @

18.) That must hav e been some head 🙂

  elle wrote @

I damned well hope so! The headache lasted about a week.

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