The best/worst wax of my life

Possibly too much information? Definitely don’t read on if you’re just about to go for your first Brazilian.

For starters, as already related elsewhere, in Singapore a Brazilian is a Hollywood and a Hollywood is a Brazilian. A minor distinction, but useful to know beforehand rather than halfway through…

So, what made this particular Braziliwood good/bad?

It took about four times longer than it would in the UK (45 minutes vs 10 or 15).

It was *incredibly* thorough. There’s barely a hair left – much better than my London lady (although this does vary from person to person).

She had her bare hands all over me – touching my clit, cheerfully moving the piercing around, fingers almost inside me at points.

This would *never* happen in the UK. Waxers there stoically act as if none of the fun pink bits exists, so the piercing is totally off the radar. Plus they wear gloves, and the latex sticks uncomfortably to the freshly waxed skin.

I should add that the girl waxing me was young and pretty, and as her hands wandered all over me I found myself hoping I wouldn’t get noticeably wet. (Possibly the female equivalent of guys trying hard not to get a semi if they go for a massage or find themselves in a naked sauna?)

Where was I? Oh yes… so, the girl’s having trouble removing the hair from some of the trickier, more sensitive spots. She keeps putting wax on, pulling it off, trying again. The skin’s getting more red, sore and sensitive with each try.

I’m a glutton for this type of punishment so I was enjoying myself immensely, but professionally speaking it’s jolly poor form indeed.

Once she’d made the skin sufficiently raw, she dipped tweezers in *alcohol* before tidying up a few stray hairs. In case the pure ethanol wasn’t painful enough, she finished up with a liberal dose of neat tea tree oil.

Talk about pleasure/pain! I felt so sorry for all the poor non-masochists before me who must have endured such treatment.

Her final act was to get out a hand mirror and ask me eagerly if I was pleased with her work. Many a woman goes a lifetime without enjoying the intimate sight of her own cunt, so being shown mine by a stranger was a little… surprising (exciting).


I discovered later that the depilation itself hadn’t even been that good. She’d broken half the hairs off at skin level (rather than pulling them out by the root) and left sticky patches of wax everywhere.

I can honestly say it was the worst Brazilian wax I’ve ever received, and I loved every minute of it.



  Breena wrote @

Big question is – will you go back? 😉

  elle wrote @

I’ve been pondering this.

She was cute and smiley, but pretty ineffective (yet expensive) and the wrong end of town once I move house and start work.

It’s not looking good for her, although she was much cheaper than a professional dom. Perhaps I can go back once in a while, as a treat…

  rooroo wrote @

That’s some treat!

Incidentally, I have a wax booked for this afternoon; never been to the place before and I’m starting to get nervous now as the last time I ventured into new grounds I almost lost a layer of skin. Perhaps I should think of it as a belated TG sesh?

  s wrote @

sounds I need to send h there 🙂

  s wrote @

sounds like I need to send h there 🙂

  LouLouMcStopOut wrote @

Just read this.

I am crossing my legs, yet curiously turned on all at the same time…

  elle wrote @

Am still looking for a good waxing place! Everywhere take 45 min, even the places where they actually know what they’re doing.

  Aiden wrote @

Hi there!

It was a pleasure to read this page. I was trying to do a search in, typing in “lady waxing”, there goes your page 🙂

I am trying to manage an online profile for my client/friend. Trying to search for some ideas, I have to say that your blog and the way you write stuff are awesome, very intriguing!

Anyway, I have some ideas and I wanted to ask for your personal permission about your post, for the waxing information.

If you don’t mind, can you please drop me an email at the email address which I’ve provided above?

Thanks, Elle

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