I’ve been poking around a lot of atheist blogs lately, hence this run of posts. I found this (Christian) comment on an old Pharyngula post and was quite surprised by it.

I know men and women who say God does not logically, spiritually, or otherwise exist for X, Y, & Z reasons… But always they struggle interally. They had to prove to others and themselves that God was not real, or active

I can see how the journey from religion to atheism could be hard; people are sometimes letting go of a behaviour pattern that has permeated every aspect of their life. But the idea that someone who calls themselves an atheist could harbour secret doubts seems pretty unlikely.

My response:

I believe in myself.

I’m pretty confident the world I live in is real. It’s necessary to believe that in order to function as part of it, although I enjoying contemplating the possibility that I am wrong.

I do not believe in any gods.

As a teenager I briefly treated the Christian god as an imaginary friend (Jungian animus?), but my prayers always started “Dear god who I don’t believe in.”

I liked going to mass and accept that churches can be beautiful, but I have never accepted the bible as gospel.

Heaven does not exist. Hell does not exist. I have not had to convince myself of this – it is my natural state. I have never wavered from or struggled with this view point.

I’ve heard that Christians can suffer crises of faith, perhaps confounded by the conflicting and confusing stories of the bible.

I have crises of brain chemistry, recreational chemistry, and sometimes my shoes don’t match my outfit. Faith plays no part in my life. I see no reason why it should.



  Grill wrote @

I tend to discount anything religious-based people say about religion off the bat now – they’ve admitted that they’ve sacrificed logic to faith, so what’s the point discussing anything with them?

Of course, if they admit to having doubts that’s when you dig the old metaphysical crowbar into their mental flaws and start with the leverage… 🙂

  elle wrote @

I’ve acquired a young-Earth, ‘dinosaur bones are a test of faith’ father-in-law who keeps trying to goad me about evolution. I have been steadfastly refusing to engage, but I think that’s given him the idea that perhaps I can be saved.

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