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Safe, sane and consensual

Cos nothing completes a complicated working week like a spot of non-consensual sex.

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The plot coagulates and curdles slightly

Wednesday afternoon – got sacked. Wednesday evening – sought solace in alcohol. Thursday – talked it through with my boss (while trying not to puke or faint, see Wednesday evening). Went into a weird grieving phase while trying to come to terms with this unpleasant but unchangeable situation. Friday afternoon – got offered a job dong something else at the company.

What. The. Fuck?

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Constructive dismissal

So it seems I’ve been sacked.

Except they’re not calling it that. The boss had a chat with me and suggested I wasn’t in the right company and perhaps I’d like to hand my notice in. I’m fairly certain I don’t have a choice though.

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Jumpers, coke, sweet Mary-Jane

Life without drugs… I haven’t missed things like pills or psychedelics because I took them so rarely.

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At least I don’t seem to have insomnia anymore

Ack, sleep gone very weird. Only had one proper lucid dream in the past four months but last week I had an odd two days of something like anti-lucid dreaming – knowing I was awake (sensing the bed, hearing the room around me) but not being able to control the free-flow of my thoughts, resulting in something very dreamlike.

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