The plot coagulates and curdles slightly

Wednesday afternoon – got sacked. Wednesday evening – sought solace in alcohol. Thursday – talked it through with my boss (while trying not to puke or faint, see Wednesday evening). Went into a weird grieving phase while trying to come to terms with this unpleasant but unchangeable situation. Friday afternoon – got offered a job dong something else at the company.

What. The. Fuck?

By that time I had already shrugged, decided to count my losses, and resigned. So this is not a pardon, more a stay of execution pending appeal. The resignation is on hold while I give the new role a go, but if they’re not happy they will simply process the letter.

The new job is more brochure writing – longer discursive pieces that *do* sound more suited to my skills. No brief has materialised yet and time is a-ticking, so I’m not going to pin too much hope on it. Nothing to lose trying it out though, and the reprieve makes it easier to come to work and to keep trying to do a good job.

It’s slightly unsettling that the offer came through 15 mins after they got my resignation although it’s most likely coincidence (or synchronicity – just read Jung’s papers (colour me unimpressed)). Sometimes people are telling the truth when they say they’d love to keep you if only they had something suitable.

But sometimes (says the gallows humourist in me) a new job turns out to be so incredibly bad that the only way someone would accept it is on pain of sacking. I’m hoping those times only occur in sitcoms and bad jokes.



  s wrote @

WTF indeed. Sounds strange. I hope you are OKish? Best prepare CV.

Good luck!

  elle wrote @

Thanks. After a week of moping about I finally have my mojo back! CV already polished and winging its way to the first round of contacts.

  s wrote @

Best of luck..a nice shiny CV ought to help 🙂

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