A lot of love to give

Newsweek article on polyamory:
Only you. And you. And you.

It is impossible for me to read that header without hearing the Jim’ll Fix It theme. I guess that isn’t a problem in the US.

Anyway, long article on polyamory, interesting for its voyeuristic peek into the lives and sleeping arrangements of the group in question (p 3). The video package is cute as well.

It seems like the interviewees’ motivation is to raise awareness about a lifestyle that isn’t discussed much. There might be a bit of grandstanding beneath this but they are clearly proud of their relationship, as they ought to be. Ten years in a triad (or any relationship!) is a great achievement.

My favourite quote is this concluding remark from one of the guys interviewed:

“To look at an option like polyamory and say ‘That’s not for me’ is fine. To look at it and not realize you can choose it is just sad.”

And because I enjoy them (although be warned, J won’t watch ‘em cos he says the acting is too bad), here’s interviewee Terisa Greenan’s polyamory web series Family.


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