Super-quick work update

Last week the guy who sacked me casually confirmed me as a permanent employee.

I casually thanked him and went back to my desk.

I’m not sure this reflects particularly well on either of us, but I’m happy.



  Dan wrote @

?! Huh? Well, happy is good! 🙂

  S wrote @

sorry I am slow these days. So you are still in the same job and no longer sacked? If you are happy that is good.

Let me guess ‘Employment Laywers’ do not do a roaring trade out there 🙂


  elle wrote @

Employment law is a reasonably diffuse concept here. A local journalist (non-legal stuff) told me the labour court is part of the government’s Ministry of Manpower, so the cases are tried by civil servants.

Are you online from King’s? Do they have a firewall or can you surf porn? 😉

  S wrote @


Ah so the labour court is part of the goverment and cases tried by civil servants? Diffuse indeed!

Yes I am online from Kings on my speccy new laptop. Sadly 64bit vista does not seem to get on with USB so well so I can’t get the Webcam to work else I could stream you pictures of Matron Goodbody etc. :

Trust you Elle to ask the question about surfing. I am sure it is against the terms and conditions I had to sign up for. I must be behind at least a fire-trellis. Purely in the interest of research I did try and yes you can. Of course there is a failry constant coming and going of all sorts of staff as well.


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