My brave fetus-fighting IUD is gone. Eep.

J and I had a big family planning conversation a while back, but the day I started writing about it was the day I got sacked. Needless to say our plans got suspended – I wanted to make sure I had a job before I committed to the most financially crippling decision I’m ever likely to make.

I’ve been working on a ‘kids by 30’ plan for a while, and said last Christmas that I’d get the coil taken out by next Christmas. J has been more cautious, wanting to know that we’d be financially secure and so on.

Then in June he got promoted and suggested we go for it. And I freaked.

We talked a lot about everything I was scared of, and I think they were sensible things – taking responsibility for another person’s life, changing my own life when it’s so much fun, being so far away from friends and family, being truthful vs being inappropriate as a parent (parenting with integrity?).

But I think it’s a situation where you have to leap without looking. And reasonable fears might apply some selection pressure in favour of becoming reasonable parents, if they are considered fairly.

So. This is it. Dr Judy fished the coil out this morning (slight twinge, nothing like having it fitted) and the next time I have sex – for the first time ever in half a lifetime of fucking – it will be without any kind of contraceptive.

That thought gives me a strange, excited sensation in the pit of my stomach. Visions of blastomeres already fill my head.


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  The Goldfish wrote @

The very best of luck to you both! I think folks who enter into this without some degree of trepidation and self-doubt are the people who shouldn’t go there at all.

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