I promise not to write about mucus

Egads. I had no idea such vast tracts of internet real estate had been claimed by women ‘trying to conceive’ (TTCers).

It makes for scary reading. The blogs are ok – if women want to write about the thickness of their cervical mucus that’s their business – but the forums and chat rooms are infuriating.

There are endless women with names that probably aren’t ‘Permanently Apoplectic of Tunbridge Wells’ asking, for example, whether a TTCer can take B vitamins.

It’s a reasonable question (as it’s the one I was googling 😉 but the same person writes again: Hi, I’m still waiting for an answer.

And then again: No one’s answered my question yet. I’m getting really worried about whether I should stop or not. Can someone help?

Then: I really need someone to reply soon. I don’t know what everyone’s problem is. It’s an important question.

All in the span of 15 minutes.

So much intellectual laziness! It took me about 97 seconds to get google-consensus on an answer. On a forum it’s usually as easy as searching their archives – yet people sit back barking questions, demanding answers and refusing to do any work for themselves. Gah.

I guess this is true of any forum, but there seems to be a certain sort of crazy pervading the pregnancy sites.

Anyway, my other question was whether or not my lube was spermicidal. I answered that one all by myself by reading the label – a rewarding act as I came across this gem:

Avoid contact with ears.

Woah. The world contains some much kinkier people than I’d realised, if we need to stop folk lubing up their ears.



  Beena wrote @

I once had an interesting conversation with a patient at a fertility clinic regarding internet forums and TTC: have you found out what BD stands for yet? If not, I don’t want to spoil the surprise 😉

Oh and check out mothering.com – it’s a very special snowflake kind of crazy

  elle wrote @

The Baby Dance! Ewwww. It burns, it burns.

“When mummy and daddy love each other very much and want to make babies, they do a special dance together.”

What a joyless denial of the dirty, savage, human, animal, fun of fucking.

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