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Hot boy-on-boy action

The Q&A session continues.

Question 2 garnered some interesting responses that necessitate a 2a section, but that will be long and require thought so I’ll save it for a more self-important moment.

Instead I’m forging ahead with question 3:

How do you deal with another guy in the room, assuming J isn’t bi?

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“I loved every guy I ever fucked, while I was fucking him.”

Have you ever fallen for a third party?

Yes! Next question?

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Have fun kids, and stay safe!

I mention my open lifestyle here a fair amount, and hint at the actualities (last weekend: Bangkok, five star hotel, five naked people, far too much fun) but I’m not sure how much of it is, well, useful.

Yet I find myself answering questions and giving advice (as best I can) quite frequently in real life. So, at risk of sounding self-important, I’m gonna try and translate some of that to these hallowed pages, starting with three specific questions from a friend.

Warning: this is only the answer to question one, and it’s l-o-n-g! Perhaps it’s time to make the columns wider.

How do you and J avoid hurting each other?

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Hypochondria is a confusing word

I was going to go into this in the last post, but I realised it would be too long and distracting, so for all you etymology lovers out there, here it is.

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As long as you’ve got your elf

My name’s elle and I’m a recovering hypochondriac.

Sort of.

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