Hot boy-on-boy action

The Q&A session continues.

Question 2 garnered some interesting responses that necessitate a 2a section, but that will be long and require thought so I’ll save it for a more self-important moment.

Instead I’m forging ahead with question 3:

How do you deal with another guy in the room, assuming J isn’t bi?

I didn’t feel best placed to answer this, so for your delectation and delight I bring you a rare guest appearance, in the form of interviewee, from none other than…

The Boy!

How do you deal with another guy in the room, given you aren’t bi?

I don’t think there’s much to be worried about. There’s the initial penis size thing, but that’s kind of silly. You have to get over that.

Aren’t you worried that if your penises touch it will make you gay?


But if the other guy’s unknown that could cause concerns, maybe?

Yeah, I think there’s a possible worry about an unknown guy being competitive or stealing all the girls. You’re in this sanctified place, the bedroom, where normally you don’t have to worry about competitiveness, then suddenly it’s something you might have to deal with.

Either you don’t worry about it because the numbers or the situation work out and feel comfortable, or you deal with it by delineating concerns or boundaries beforehand.

So there you have it. Although my first ever group sex experience involved two guys and two girls, and the boys were comically careful to make sure both girls were always between them at all times, so perhaps they were worried about turning gay.

Some final thoughts on logistics. I can confirm that spit-roasting doesn’t seem to cause any problems, but I’m told that double penetration can get more interesting. It’s not so much a case of your cocks accidentally touching as your balls cheerfully slapping each other in the arse.

Double penetration and a whole lot more from a man in the know: The Perils of Penetration by the Twisted Monk.


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