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Books, covers and so on.

We make assumptions all the time. This is ok – grouping things according to typical traits allows us to make speedy, often accurate, decisions. There are occasions when this could be life-saving… if it looks like a lion, and sounds like a lion, &tc.

My relationship isn’t typical. When people see a hetero couple they assume monogamy. When they see someone from a couple chatting up a third party they assume cheating wanker.

It isn’t alway practical to set ’em straight. ‘Open relationship’ isn’t a phrase with a universal definition – no one ever responds with “right, that’s clear then” – it invites discussion. I like having those discussion, even with people who tell me I’m wrong and insist my relationship is flawed.

But sometimes, as I said, I don’t get the chance. I have to accept that some people will always assume my relationship is fucked.