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Where did it all go right?

The Boy and I didn’t always have an open relationship. We got together in 2002 while we were both doing a master’s degree. I was a little crazy at the time, trying to make sense of my previous relationship and fighting the inevitability of leaving uni and getting a job.

Our relationship reflected this in that it was torrid yet hesitant, and it was default-monogamous. We both played away and ‘fessed up, but it was always that – confession, admission.
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Hello world.

I have possibly swapped cooking mojo for blogging mojo. My kitchen has been on fire lately (mostly metaphorically), but every time I pick up a pen I get two paras in and delete whatever I’ve written.

I think this might be due to mental exhaustion. I’m into my third week of 12 hour days – so far that’s 144 hours of reading and writing just to keep a roof over my head. Kinda takes the fun out of it – even Alan Moore can’t hold my attention right now.

I just work, sleep and bake (although the long hours have coincided with some amazing sex – I guess there’s still a little creative energy left). I have lots I want to say but can’t get the words together.

Posts that might never get beyond conception:
• Why I shouldn’t work in advertising
• The cyber-sex episode, pt 2 (she got back in touch and left me wondering whether it hadn’t been her all along, and it was actually “my boyfriend stole my computer” that was the lie…)
• Where did it all go right – the conversation that changed J and I from monogamous to open
• Fast & louche – learning to be truthful

I also want to do a ’12 months, 12 pictures’ photo update on the S’pore blog.

I’m writing all this down to remind myself once I finally have the energy to tackle things, and because a friend told me integrity was as simple as doing things you say you’ll do.

I’m also writing something, anything, to remind myself I’m not dead. Feels like I could be.