Hello world.

I have possibly swapped cooking mojo for blogging mojo. My kitchen has been on fire lately (mostly metaphorically), but every time I pick up a pen I get two paras in and delete whatever I’ve written.

I think this might be due to mental exhaustion. I’m into my third week of 12 hour days – so far that’s 144 hours of reading and writing just to keep a roof over my head. Kinda takes the fun out of it – even Alan Moore can’t hold my attention right now.

I just work, sleep and bake (although the long hours have coincided with some amazing sex – I guess there’s still a little creative energy left). I have lots I want to say but can’t get the words together.

Posts that might never get beyond conception:
• Why I shouldn’t work in advertising
• The cyber-sex episode, pt 2 (she got back in touch and left me wondering whether it hadn’t been her all along, and it was actually “my boyfriend stole my computer” that was the lie…)
• Where did it all go right – the conversation that changed J and I from monogamous to open
• Fast & louche – learning to be truthful

I also want to do a ’12 months, 12 pictures’ photo update on the S’pore blog.

I’m writing all this down to remind myself once I finally have the energy to tackle things, and because a friend told me integrity was as simple as doing things you say you’ll do.

I’m also writing something, anything, to remind myself I’m not dead. Feels like I could be.



  Grill wrote @

It’s that time of the year – I was trying to do one post a day and have ended up with exactly thirty concepts jotted down in separate Google docs. And the plans to find new career avenues, sort out our lives, buy a house aren’t happening either…

  elle wrote @

I also got halfway through a comment to you about the dissemination/availability of ideas, but that got abandoned as well 😦 Must say though, I am very much enjoying your tending-to-oneaday posts.

Good luck with the house buying. The whole process is an unholy nightmare, but nice once it’s something you can reminisce about.

  threeyearsout wrote @

Hey, I’m going to be in your neck of the woods sometime on Sat, only in transit though. Luckily Changi airport is awesome.

Please stay alive both during and after the insane working hours x

  elle wrote @

Oh, I only saw this! I was at Changi today for the airshow – something to do with work. I might be a bit late, but I meant to check whether you got my email. Bali top pick = Ku De Ta, Seminyak.

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